Multiple Sexual Partner

Protecting your partner





Case Scenario #1 ( we had many similar cases)

Mr. John Doe is married traveler business man who get involve in certain extramarital sexual activity. Then he noticed tingling or pressure in his genital or no symptom and he just decide to get evaluated. If he found out that he has STD from his extramarital activity, not only He needs to get treated but also he needs to inform his infected partner or his wife as well.

He faces following possible obstacles :

1) Should his wife get treated or not ?

2) How to get his wife examined or treated ?

3) How to discuss this issue with his wife without creating much of problem for his marriage ?

4) how much risk he has been taking, for example is there any other STD

could show its symptom after 3 months?

5) could he be a asymptomatic carrier for other STD and he  passes an infection to his wife in future such as herpes or Trichomonas or.. ?



Case Scenario #2 ( we have seen similar patients)


Mary and John are happily married for 7 years and  he  or she noticed herpes like rash on his genitalia. These are possible questions and concern:


1)Is it really Herpes ?

2)Has his wife been promiscuous ? why herpes now after 7 years of marriage ?

3)Is there possibility that other partner develop herpes in future?

4)Could get tested to find out that one partner has positive asymptomatic herpes infection?

5)Is this old or new infection ? is there any test that could say it is old or new infection ?

6) could this  herpes is as result of transmission of mouth cold sore ? If yes ? then could get tested to find out about mouth herpes ? or mouth type of herpes on genitalia ?





How to inform your partner and then get your partner treated?
We will help you in this matter and explain the course of treatment. We will
facilitate this most challenging aspect of STD. In certain STDs, both
partners must get treated. We are here to help you in these most difficult
situations, especially where there is a third party involved.


Partner Deliver therapy

Your partner may need to get tested/examined/treated for Certain STD depends on your diagnosis and risk factor and activity. In certain STD we maybe able to give you treatment for your partner without actual examination  to be delivered to him/her considering   

“Ortiz Bill” after its sponsor senator Deborah Ortiz of Sacramento, . (Partner Rx)

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