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Dr. SArani is licensed Physician(MD) with a special interest in diagnosing and treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). He graduated from RUSM Medical School and continued his postgraduate education and training In Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, and the prestigious Mayo Clinic and Hospital. He received faculty appointment from Loma Linda University School of Medicine as an Instructor of Medicine and was later promoted to Assistant clinical Professor of Medicine. He founded one of the largest STD institute in California and the U.S with new reveloutionary approach. He quickly became well known in this field and he has given expert input as foremost pronoun physician to many news media network regarding various topic in STDs / HPV to this date.




"Diagnosing and treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases is very challenging in our sexually active society. There are so many different diseases which could get transmitted sexually. A Physician who diagnoses and treats STDs must have experience, read and be up-to-date in this field. We could not eliminate but

we could minimize patient risk by encouraging safer sex. STD screening testing is helpful,but we still could not be 100% sure as it is not practical to test for every single STI, however, being careful of choosing partner, protection, rejecting risky behavior could have significant impact. After all prevention is better than treatment.

Unfortunately, there have been growing numbers of different Internet venders for laboratories that test for certain STDs without any physician evaluation. In order to gain financially, they put the patient at risk of being very mislead by inacurate test order, interpertation and false hope. Evaluating a patient with STD is very much an art and it is not that stright forward. If patient gets evaluated by STD clinic/doctor which is available to public included public health with respect to CDC and certain guidelines then he /she will be more confident about his/her sexual health.


Most STD patients are anxious and feel guilty.  They think about their spouse or partner(s). This makes them very different from other patients. We understand these pressures and we do our best to help you in our institution with quick service, answering your questions and concerns and helping with your
relationship(S) as well. Although STD is common, because you don't hear your friends and family talking about their STD infections, you think you are the only one who got it in the world!  We assure you that you are not, and our considerable experience will be invaluable to you."


Siavash Arani, M.D.








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