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Dr. Arani Medical Facility with technology of quick screening, specializing in STD testing (FDA Approved), providing Hepatitis c test result in 25 minutes. We are 100% Private full confidential STD institution and not governmental funded clinic, we do not check your ID or SS# or verify your income for std testing.

Highly Confidential, Private and Accurate ..

Hepatitis C Result in 25 Min

100 % Sensitive Test For Sex releated Hep C infection

See MD(Doctor) Not Online STD Sales Counselor Before any Testing! 

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Our Testing Accuracy: We are able to test you for hepatitis C (FDA approved) in 25 min only. Our Hepatitis C blood test is highly sensitive. It is 100% sensitive on hepatitis C infection related to STD. Our hepatitis C test check for all genotypes of hepatitis C.



Hepatitis C is a disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV).This Virus will infect liver cells and causing inflamation of the liver. It is is generally considered among most severe hepatitis. Most of the patients may have no symptom of Hep C till years later. About 3% of the world population ~ 170-300 million people are infected with hepatitis C. 1.6 % of U.S population which is about 4.1 million people are infected with hepatitis C. Hepatiti C kills 12,000 to 14,000 American every year. To this date it is the leading cause of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.It was originally called Non-hep A/non-hep B because there is evidence of the viral hepatitis but could not get isolated. This suspisous originated in 70s and it was confirmed by 1989. Later Non hepA/ hepB changed its name to Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Structure: It is a very small virus. It is about half size of HIV virus. Single stranded enveloped RNA virus. There different genotype of Hepatitic, It means they have slight different genetic information in their RNA.


Hepatitis C Transmission and STD : There is some risk involve in in Hepatitis C transmission with unprotected sex. anogenital contact. Anogenital sex involves more risk than Vaginal sex. Hepatitis C is more common on people with multiple sexual partner than monogomos indviduals.

Tattoos and Piercing : Contaminated material such as ink , needle could transmit Hepatitic C from infected client to non infected one. If your sexual partner having tatoos specially if it is is done in 1980s or ono-proffessional then it is a good idea to get tested for Hepatitis C .


Manicure/ pedicure: Personal care and tools such as razor,cuticle scissors and equipment could be contaminated with blood. I always recommend to my patient that they need to be catious and Insist of sterlized equipment to be used.


Pregnancy: there is posssibility of passing Hepatitis C from pregnant mother to child so it is a good idea to get tested before getting pregnant if you have been at risk.


Symptom:You may have them or not at all. It is usually goes unrecognized at early stage . As symptom is non specific such as malise, fatigue , loss of appetite. At later stage patient may find out about his Hepatitis c with following hint:
a phone call from a trace of infected person
Abnormal elevated liver enzyme test upon blood test by your internist
unexplained , complicated symptoms
juandice (turning yellow)


Testing: The routine screening test is to detect antibody against hepatiitis C. If Antibody test is positive then it is recomended to check for Hepatitis C RNA testing. This could check if HCV RNA is present or not and also if it is present then detect quantity and genetic type inorder to initiate the treatment.

What would Happen If you tested positive for Hepatitis C ?
I will try to explain it in simple format so you understand it, but you need to discuss this with your doctor as patient to patient is different. Once you get infected with virus ther is about %15-25 chance that Hepatitis c being self limited and RNA test shows undetectable virus. However majority %75-85 of infected patients will have detectable virus for at least 6 months consistent with diagnosis of chronic hepatitis.


Cirrohsis Of the liver: After prolong inflamation and damages to liver cells by hepatitis C then scar tissue develop in the liver and liver loose its functionality such as detoxification. Patients develop symptom such as loss of appetite, fluid retention, abdominal swelling, darkening of urine, itching , yellowish dyscoloration etc. This conditon is ultimately fatal.


Treatment: The treatment could be initiated for the right candidate. Basically if patient has chronic hepatitis C documented by testing, such as HCV RNA testing including genotyping, liver enzyme measurment or liver biopsy then experience physician will evaluate the patient condition such medical history in order to start the treatment.






Hepatitis A : Almost all cases are due to oral-fecal transmission in this way oral-genital or oral-anal sex may facilitate its transmission. Acute illness is indistinguishable from that related to hepatitis B or C. Incubation period is relatively short ranging from 15-50 days. This is the time takes that this virus become symptomatic in human body. Illness last 1-2 weeks Symptom:Muscle pain Vomiting loss of appetite headache low grade fever darkening of urine


Liver Enzyme: There are marker to show if there is active inflamation in liver. We could test you for them in few minutes. Test for Hep A, B or C takes longer time in order to get the result which is more than  > 24 Hours.  


Death occurs in less than  0.1-.2%  but rise in 1.8%in adults over 50 years of age. 

15%  may get "relapsing Heptitis A" with patients get recurrent symptomatic and lab evidence of hepatitis within several months on initial infection.


Hepatitis B

The most commonly reported mode of transmission is sexual transmission in the United States. It is more than 50 times easier to get contracted Hepatitic B than HIV sexually. It is found in body fluid such as semen, vaginal fluid and saliva. Ano-rectal intercourse (receptive and insertive) and exposure to large number of of partners appear to be primary risk factors. Since saliva could contain HBV then deep kissing could carry the risk of transmission specially if there is cut or person has bleeding gum or dental issues.

 Incubation period is usually 45-180 days, average 2-3 months


Abdominal Pain



Loss of appetite

Blood test evaluation with these nonspecific symptom usually  reveal elevated liver enzyme.







Confidential Exam, Test, Accurate Result & Treatment Available Today

If you are concerned about sexually transmitted diseases, or if you have had
sexual relations with an infected or high-risk individual, then you should see 

a medical doctor and be tested. The tests need to be ordered and interpreted by an

experienced physician only. Since the test is only a part of the diagnosis,

the actual examination is the most important factor for STD evaluation, which is why

seeing an experienced doctor is so important for you. Just a positive or negative test

 result by an online testing places - does not necessarily mean that you do or do not have STD. We

have seen many patients in our Clinic with negative Gonorrhea and Chlamydia test

results by an outside lab, who still have symptoms of urethral discomfort or tingling.

There are other bacteria transmitted through sex, so just checking Chlamydia &

Gonorrhea does not prove that that there is no other bacterial infection if you have symptom.

STD testing is not that straight-forward. For example, there are different types of Chlamydia

(LGV, Trachomatis, L, D-K ) and many different tests (blood, antibody, swab, urine,

DNA, DFA) from different sources (urethra, vaginal, urine, eye, anus, throat) that an

experienced doctor could choose depending on your history, examination and your concern.

Practice safe sex and always discuss sexual health mater with your partner.

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Available on the same day of visit for all STDs, may get treated sometimes without even testing.











Total privacy. No online billing or Name/ info sharing. We are real medical center follow 100% privacy and confidentiality law. You may pay direct and not to use your credit card.

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Always promise 1-2 days may take up to one week.

1 day to do paper work, 2-5 days to get your result ready, if not head for weekend then call on business days to get your result.




Not, you must find the actual clinic or doctor to get examined & treated. For example you can't get injection for gonorrhea or Syphilis by just prescribing over the phone. Nor Treated for HIV, MCV, HPV, NGU, BV, Hepatitis, STD in Throat, Anus, Pubic, Testicle. etc online or over the phone.



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-Sharing Credit Card Information link as STD Testing Client

Oral sex, anal sex, Vaginal, pubic related STD

We are able to evaluate you for all

For example:


Chlamydia in throat or anus (not just urine)

HPV, Molluscum, crab on pubic

Bacterial Vaginosis in female

Trichomonas, etc




Cancellation Fee




Testing Fee

None, There is no cancellation fee



Always appraised in advance for each test, you will know your test fee before you get tested. No health insurance is accepted


Up to 30-40% Cancellation Fee!

(read term. policy in fine print, you will be charged 30-40% even before testing started, so you won't change your mind after they charge you in advance!

STD Exam





Will be done as part of the consultation by doctor, you may get your diagnosis without even testing


No exam available, just 7 test panel


Accuracy and Quality of Our STD Testing



Exclusive STD medical lab would perform your test . Our tests are extremely accurate. Our Lab is under constant evaluation, quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA), and proficiency evaluation (PT) and state inspection. Our  lab director is MD in STD field.

Generic medical lab

Test for all Types of STDs




All Available



None Just 7 test


Peace of Mind

To be given to you by MD Physician only

None, (no mater what online vender claims)

STD test and screening order  

By MD in venerology practice

chosen by doctor only considering your exam, history, complaint, time of exposure and your request


Chosen by online sales counselors, telemarketer, venders, etc



Please feel free to read about our center, we are well known institution authorized to do STD testing, listed by CDC,  credential of health care provider is in disclosed for your evaluation

There is no company physical address information is disclosed on the web site, mostly out of state, P.O Box with toll free # and credit card machine


No ID or Credit card name and billing address information would be shared online. You may choose to pay direct for the service and not to use your card.



 You may share all your billing information and name, which is link to patient online or online company as a STD testing  Customer.

NGU, Crabs,  Bacterial culture, Herpes culture, Trichomonas, Chancroid, Infectious Mono, LGV  evaluation, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), MRSA,  and so many more test...

All available


 only 4-6 routine panel test is available

with routine non customized procedure for everyone

Partner deliver therapy if

you are infected for certain diagnosis (For example: If you become positive for chlamydia then we will give you medicine for to take it home for your partner)




 Follow up after screening and STD testing






STD Counseling




 Direct (MD) doctor unlimited interaction, consultation, phone calls,  for up to 14 days By physician,

Ask all your questions



By physician, ask all your questions


 No Doctor or Lic health professional provider follow  up Non-physician,




You get some service before payment then you are on your own after you get charged with 40% cancellation fee


 HPV Genital wart & Molluscum evaluation





TEL 323-231-6000 or 818-897-8000

Result Today           

If you can't wait another week  for your result

                         Then we give it to you as early as 10 min today

Herpes II blood test result in 10 min

Syphilis screening test result in 25 min

Hepatitis C Test Result in 20 minutes

Trichomonas test result in 10 minutes

Gonorrhea Result in symptomatic Patient in 15 min

Urethritis, NGU Test result in 15 min

HPV/ Wart  examination /Evaluation /Biopsy same day 

Both HIV 1 & HIV 2 FDA approved  test result in 15 min

Bacterial Vaginosis test result in 5 minutes

Urine test result in 5 minutes

Chancroid sore microscopic test in 15 min

Bacterial Urethritis test result in 20 minutes

Infectious Mono Test result in 10 min

Liver Function Blood Test for Hepatitis in 10 minutes  

Genitalia Candidiasis (Yeast infection) in 10 minutes

Ring worm, Jock itch test result in 10 minutes

Scabies test result in 15 minutes

Genital wart biopsy and treatment same day visit

And Many More


If there are other tests that takes longer such as pathology or DNA, RNA testing or for example western blot then we will inform your expected test result day in advance, however we are still very fast and efficient.





Confidential FDA Approved, Same Day Testing

Since our clinic has an on-site certified lab, and many tests are done here

in our lab, and the results can be ready in few minutes. The type of

test will be chosen by the doctor in view of your concerns, your exam, and

your medical history. It is totally confidential, you may not decide to

use your credit card and not to be worry about billing or information

sharing. Since we are a clinic and continuity of care is important for us then

we use the best quality and only and only FDA Approved tests. Price of the test will be

always discussed to you in advance.


Some of the symptom for STD if symptomatic after encounter

Feeling tingling or itching or burning in urethra of genitalia.

Feeling that you still need to urine after urination. May have Urgency

or goes to bathroom more often, or may just feeling pressure 

Vagina or Penile watery Discharge (mucous like leaking) or color

(white, yellow, brown or greenish)

Lower abdomen pain while have intercourse ( mostly in female)

swelling of groin lymph node

genitalia skin discoloration (change in color) or having a sore or growth

You may have urinary symptom such as burning when urinating or you

may not have at all.



No symptom STD
Sexually transmitted diseases may or may not be symptomatic.
you may be a carrier of bacterial STD or viral infection such as

Chlamydia or Herpes or HIV but you may not have any symptoms.

Your new partner may get infected by you and become symptomatic

or the other way around.


Oral Sex ... NGU Test

Yes, You may also contract STD by oral sex. One of the most common

STD that you may contract with oral sex is NGU  Read latest article

(Jan. 6, 2006 -- Oral sex raises the risk of a common sexually

transmitted disease (STD) called nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) in men,

Australian researchers report.)

Many bacteria and virus could get transmitted by oral fluid exchange or

direct mucosa contact (deep French kiss) such as  Gonorrhea, Chlamydia,

Herpes, syphilis ...,so always use protection for oral sex as well.

We are glad to announce that our lab is now capable to test for NGU evaluation....


Mycoplasma genitalium (Mg) was first isolated from 2 of 13 men with

nongonococcal Urethritis (NGU) in 1982. Though subsequent attempts

to culture the organism from men with NGU in the 1980's failed because

of its fastidious growth requirements. Now in recent studies it make it presence

clearly even stronger than gonorrhea. Study: Relatively new STD eclipses gonorrhea 

Infection prevalence was 11 times higher in cohabiting couples, study finds ( see our NGU

page for details)                                                



How to inform your partner and then get your partner treated?
We will help you in this matter and explain the course of treatment.

We will facilitate this most challenging aspect of STD. In certain STD's,

both partners must get treated. We are here to help you in these most

difficult situations, especially where there is a third party involved.

Please see("is my partner at risk?" page )


Safe Sex
Although condom use is a must, you may still get STD even when using

a protective condom. Bacteria and specially viruses are so small, they could

easily slip through the condom ring around the penile shaft or when the

condom is removed or infect area which does not have coverage, however,

use protection for vaginal, oral or anal sex is highly recommended. Protection

against different STD varies with condom. For example it may decrease the

chance of NGU transmission but not much of help for molluscum or genital wart

on base of penile and pubic area.

The only way to prevent STDs is by not having sex at all. If you do have sex, you can

 lower your risk by only having sex with (1) someone who doesn't have an STD and

(2) isn't having sex with anyone else. Be careful of using your partner and always

use protection. PUBLIC HEALTH, CA link



Use Protection or Say No To Your Partner! 



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(The following patients were seen recently in our clinic, and are just some examples of numerous

other similar praises.)


" I flew 3000 miles to see Dr.Arani, he was only doctor that identified my condition, more

importantly he was very sincere during this ordeal".

J.R   Florida


My visit to your office in March 2009 was everything I expected and more. Yourself and your staff were very professional, friendly, and answered all my questions and concerns completely which made my travel from New York

to California 100% perfect. Matt, S New York


After being declared HIV positive by one of the world’s most renowned medical institutions, I came to your lab for a second opinion. Within 30 minutes, you were able to administer and return the results of an FDA approved test that showed that the original lab had made a mistake. After a week, the original lab called to tell me that I was in fact HIV negative and that they had made a mistake. The piece of mind your facility provided was crucial in helping me get through one of the most difficult weeks of my life.

Nic, Los Angeles CA 11/18/2008


".... I had over 50 warts :-/ ..After a few treatments, I've finally gained my self confidence back. It's a pretty embarrassing thing to have, but I'll have to say that Dr. Arani made me feel very comfortable in office from day 1. The removal of the warts healed quickly and after a few months could not even tell that I had even had them. Just ask to see his before and after photos. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends (although this ailment is not something I'm vocal about) so instead I'm happy to let others know on here that he is a great doctor, will make you feel very comfortable and help get things back to normal for you. My advice would be to see him at the first sign of anything such as these warts. I would have saved a lot of $$ & time had I gone in after the 1st wart showed." 


"Thank you for giving me all of the test and explanations ....I looked on the internet for other centers. There are labs, but none had a doctor." T. Braz California


"Today I went for my final test for my Hiv and STD test. It was negative. It had been over

a year since the last risk encounter. It had been a worst year in my whole life. Fortunately,

I found Dr. Arani and he helped me through this horrible year. So as all the nurses in this clinic

had been a great support for me. He is not only my doctor, but my friend and my psychiatrist.

I would like to have all my thank to Dr. Arani and nurses. 100% recommend to everyone who need

an excellent Infectious Disease Specialist who is more than just doctor, but friend"

L.J Los Angeles, California


".....With 4 weeks of  penile discomfort and negative Gonorrhea/ Chlamydia  test finally

I was tested by Dr. Arani and he explained my Urethritis and he treated me and everything

got cleared in few days ...."

P.J Camarillo, California


.. "I got tested with  commercial medical lab and I was positive for herpes. I was so stressed and I did not know what to do till I came and got examined and tested with doctor and I was explained that everything was fine !. I got so relieved....." Confidential Patient  Torrance, California


"I came to Dr. Arani,...he was the only person diagnose my condition"

E. Briceno  Panorama City, California  


"It was amazing that they tested me for both HIV 1 and HIV 2 without needle with negative result in few minutes. "   Pacoima, California


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We are not a governmental agency or getting any governmental fund for our services, We do not accept any health insurance. we comply fully with laws and regulation of Los Angeles health department.




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